How to Choose Good Running Shoes

Shoes may not be the biggest choices in life, but if you run, they should definitely rank pretty high on your “most important” list. Running in shoes that make your feet achy and you risk injury.

There are several factors that you should consider before you put on your running shoes. One of the biggest things you have to ask yourself is which is more valuable? Is it worth more to save money on your shoe purchase or to save money on doctor bills? That pair of running shoes on the discount rack may look like the best choice, but if you put it on and it’s not comfortable you could risk trouble with your feet, ankles, knees and hips by running in them.

Next is where it gets complicated. You need to look at other tennis shoes you have worn over time in order to see where the wear shows up the most on them. If most of the wear is toward the inside of your shoes you need running shoes that will even it out because you overpronate. If the wear is on the outside, you need a more neutral cushioned running shoe because you under pronate. Neutral strides will need stability based shoes because you don’t wear any one area of your shoe more than the other.

You need to consider your arch type next and after that take run to see if you can figure out how your foot lands against the ground. Does the outside of your heel strike first and then roll in hard toward your arch? If so you unquestionably need a shoe for stability. If your foot strikes smoothly against the ground, you need a neutral shoe. If your foot lands on the outside and it doesn’t roll toward the inside at all you will also want to consider a neutral shoe.

Beyond all this, the shoe should fit your foot snugly but not be tight on any part of your foot. Choose a size that gives you room to press your thumb above the longest toe and the end of the shoe. Happy feet will make your running experience much more enjoyable, and if you don’t find that perfect shoe the first time, you may need to try again.

What You Should Know About Shin Splints

If you have ever had shin splints, you know just how painful they can be. So painful, in-fact, that they can put a sudden stop to your workout routine. And with starting a new workout being a popular New Year’s resolution, many folks who have never had this painful condition are about to find out.

Causes Of Shin Splints

Shin splints are essentially a fatigue, or over-use, ailment. That’s why they are so common with people who are just starting a brand-new workout routine. Many of these folks assume that because running won’t be in the mix, they won’t have to worry about painful leg injuries. However, you don’t have to have a running routine in place to find yourself sidelined.

Wearing inadequate footwear can cause shin splints, as can working (even at a walk) on hilly or uneven terrain. If you are getting ready to start the New Year off right with a healthy workout regime, make sure you invest in a good pair of shoes. Running stores don’t just sell shoes for running, so if you have such a store near your home consider yourself lucky. The sales team will be able to help you find the right shoe depending on what you will be doing.

Treating Shin Splints

If you do find yourself with shin splints, make sure you take care of yourself so that the injuries will totally heal. Ice, rest and elevation will assist your body in healing itself. Taking anti-inflammatory pain killers, such as ibuprofen, will help, as well.

As you heal, make sure you incorporate stretching, warm-ups and cool-downs into your workout regime. All of these activities will go a long way towards reducing the chance of you having a second bout with shin splints. You might also want to try weekly yoga if your gym offers it because this is an excellent way to build muscle strength without having the muscles tighten up.

Election results

In our recent election for the new position of Secretary for the Northwest Athletic Trainers Association-District 10, Cari Wood was elected as the secretary.  Cari began her duties in St. Louis at the NWATA District Meeting.  Cari is currently the head Athletic Trainer at Redmond High School.  A 1993 graduate of Eastern Washington University, Wood brings a wealth of experience to the position of Secretary.  She was the President of the Oregon Athletic Trainers Society (OATS) from 2003-2007.  Cari also served OATS in the capacity of Vice President (1999-2003), Public Relations Committee Chairperson (1997-1999), and Secondary Schools Committee Member (1997-2003).  Cari is also Co-Chairing the 2009 Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium of the NWATA in Seaside Oregon.  She is an energetic, enthusiastic, creative professional whose contributions at the board level will serve the membership of our association allowing us to continue to improve our associations mission.  In her application Cari stated, “I believe I am qualified for this position because of my excitement!   I am eager to learn and anxious to apply my leadership skills to the Athletic Training profession through the NWATA Secretary position.”  The membership through its vote of support affirms that excitement and welcomes her to the board.

Nominations are open

The nominating committee of the NWATA is currently seeking nominations for the position of Treasurer.  The elected person will assume duties in June of 2009 at the San Antonio Meeting of the NATA.  This candidate elected will fill the vacancy created by Russ Richardson as he assumes the role of District Director in June of 2009.  Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest as well as a current vita to Tom Koto, chairman of the Nominating Committee at  The Treasurer shall receive and be accountable for all funds belonging to the Corporation, pay all obligations incurred by the Corporation when payment is autho­rized, main­tain bank accounts in depositories designated by the Board of Directors, and render periodic financial reports.  The Treasurer will also chair the investment committee of the Corporation.  The election will be held this fall in order to facilitate training and timely transfer of corporate finances.  If you have any questions about this position feel free to contact District Director Barrie Steele or District Treasurer Russ Richardson.  Contact information can be obtained on our district website at .

In addition, candidates are being sought for the positions of District Hall of Fame/Honors and Awards Committee Chair as well as the District 10 representative to the Secondary Schools Athletic Trainer Committee.  If interested in either of those appointed positions, please submit a letter of interest along with a current vitae to Barrie Steele.  If you have any questions about either of those positions please feel free to contact Todd Sandberg or Tony Fitzpatrick (currently holding those positions).  Their contact information can be obtained on the District Contacts page.


  • The NWATA would like to take this opportunity to announce the following officers for the District 10 Athletic Training Student Association for 2008-09:

    On behalf of the NWATA’s Board of Directors and the membership of our association, I would like to welcome these new leaders and encourage them as they become the future of our association.  We are excited about the energy you bring to our association and would like to encourage you as you grow and develop as young professionals.  I appreciate the commitment that you are making to become servant leaders for the future of our association.  Good luck in your endeavors on our behalf.

    Barrie Steele
    NWATA – District 10

  • The NWATA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the following people have been selected to serve our association.Dr. Susan Verscheure has been appointed to head the College and University Athletic Training Student Committee.  Susan is the Director of the Post Professional Athletic Training Program at the University of Oregon.  Susan is replacing Mike Ediger and will represent the NWATA on both the district and national level.

    Bryce Gillespie has been appointed to serve as the NWATA’s representative to the NATA’s Career Center.  Bryce is the Head Athletic Trainer at Canby High School.  Bryce replaces Mike Coco.

    Congratulations to our new representatives and thanks to all of you for your continued efforts to serve our association.

Athletic Training Student Forum & Student Presentations

One of the highlights of the NWATA clinical symposium is the Athletic Training Student Forum.  Students from Athletic Training Education Programs in District 10 are given time each year during the annual meeting to present research and provide instruction or methods learned to their peers.

In higher education, one of the most respected accomplishments is scholarship, or presenting information to your peers.  A good presentation shows that you can research a topic, organize the information, and clearly articulate the subject matter to others in a timely manner.  The Athletic Training Student Forum is a terrific opportunity for you to gain valuable experience speaking in front of your peers, and it is a great addition to your resume.  You will have fun, learn a lot, and grow as a professional.  Please consider presenting at this years district meeting.  If you have any questions please talk to your program director or email me directly at (College and University Athletic Training Students’ Committee chair). For information on a athletic trainer career follow the link.

Guidelines and Pertinent Information for Presenting at District 10 Athletic Training Student Forum

  • Submission of presentation outlines/abstracts will be accepted December 1st through January 15th.  Please send all correspondence to the committee chair electronically at .
  • A committee that includes, but not limited to, the student president and the committee chair will review submitted outlines/abstracts from January 16th to January 30th and decide which presentations will be chosen.
  • The selected groups will be informed by January 31st and asked to submit a final draft for printing by February 15th.  A list of AV needs should also accompany the final outline (ie. Power Point, TV/VCR, etc.)  Names of all those presenting, those associated with the project, if any, and the represented institution must accompany the final outline.
  • Actual Presentation length should be 17-18 minutes, with 2-3 minutes at the end for questions.  Time limits will be strictly enforced.
  • To accommodate more schools, one (1) group/presentation per academic institution will be selected.  However, if by the end of topic submission deadline date space is available a second group from the same institution may be selected.
  • Presentation proposals should be fairly well explained with a detailed enough outline to allow the Selection Committee to make an informed decision.
  • Topic submission does not guarantee an automatic spot in the forum.  The committee will have final decision on which presentations will be offered.
  • Outlines will be printed in booklet form and handed out to all attendees, so check your spelling and grammar.  Please adhere to the submitted outline as much as possible.
  • The presenters need to be present in the meeting room at least one half hour before the actual meeting, in order to meet with the student president and the committee chair to verify that their needs are met.

Important dates:

  • Topic submission, December 15th to January 15th.
  • Notification of acceptance to present, January 31st.
  • Final draft and a list of AV needs, February 15th.
  • If you as a presenter and your group choose not to participate in the forum, you must contact the student president/Committee Chair and inform them immediately.

Women in Athletic Training

In order to increase the recognition of women athletic trainers in our district, I am attaching a list of potential candidates in your state the WATC has assembled for the Hall of Fame, the Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award, and the Athletic Trainer Service Award. This list of names indicates that the potential candidate has fulfilled only the time requirement for a nomination.


I have asked that this be sent out to all members of our district because those of you out there who know these candidates will have a better understanding of the qualifications of these potential women.


We as a district need to take a more active role in recognizing the work of all of our fellow athletic trainers. All nomination forms and criteria can be found on the NWATA website for our district awards. The deadline for these awards is December 30, 2007.


We would also like to recognize our distinguished members on a national level. All nomination forms and criteria can be found on the NATA website for these awards.  All nominations need to be submitted by November 15, 2007 so there is time for the candidate to obtain their material before December 01, 2007. Sadly, this date has crept up on us quickly, so please make any attempt possible to get your nomination in.

Hotel information for Seaside Meeting in March 2009 – Register Early


NWATA and NATA Annual Meeting Schedule
and other CEU opportunities

NWATA Annual Meeting Schedule:

Because our meeting this year is in Seaside, there is no single property that can house all of us like other properties.  This means that there are no room blocks set aside for NWATA-D10 Members.  We do however have an “open block” of rooms available for you at 6 different hotels that have given NWATA-D10 members a discount on room rates.

The reason you need to make your room reservations now is that 1) our meeting is during spring break for many schools in Oregon and Washington and Seaside is a POPULAR Spring Break Destination and 2) there is an AAU Basketball tournament that same weekend in Seaside.

To find out which hotels we have available to you, please click on the link below.